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Family Law

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Every family is different, and when your family has legal concerns, you want to find unique solutions tailored to your needs. From divorce hearings to paternity disputes, you want to speak with a lawyer who will listen to your concerns and help you understand your options. At the Sylvania Law Office of Melan M. Forcht, we will help you with all your family law concerns, guiding you throughout the legal process.

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We handle all legal matters that involve your family, including the following:

  • Child Custody: Whether you are going through a divorce or you have never been married, you want to be there for your children. We will help you understand your child custody options.
  • Parenting Time and Visitation: One of the most important parts of any child custody agreement is developing a fair parenting time plan. We will help you come up with a plan that works for your family.
  • Shared Parenting: This allows both parents to be equally involved in all aspects of their children's lives.
  • Child Support: You want to be there for your children, but you also want to provide for your own financial security. We will ensure that your order accurately reflects your income.
  • Spousal Support / Alimony: Spousal support / alimony plans depend on a variety of factors, including length of marriage, financial assets and earning capacity.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications and Enforcement: From child custody and parenting time, to child and spousal support, all your post-divorce plans can be the subject of modifications and enforcement. If your plan is not working for any reason, we can help you take action and create a new plan that works.
  • Paternity: If you are involved in a paternity dispute, you want answers. We will help you obtain a fair test and once the results are in, we will guide you through the necessary process.


One of the main types of matters in any family law practice is divorce. From legal separations to the dissolution of marriage, we can help you understand all your options. Since Ohio is a no-fault divorce state, either spouse can file without cause. We are ready to help you throughout the process, including the equitable distribution of assets and child custody and support plans.

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Whatever concerns may face your family, we are here to answer your questions and help you find unique solutions. Our Sylvania offices offer appointments during our weekly business hours, so contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

At the Sylvania Law Office of Melan M. Forcht, we represent clients throughout Ohio, including Toledo, Ottawa Hills, Holland, Berkey, Swanton, Metamora, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Lucas County, Wood County, Hancock County, Fulton County and Ottawa County.

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